Gardel Winery

Gardel Winery is a family-owned company dedicated to vineyard cultivation and wine management. Located in the heart of La Mancha, Spain – Las Mesas (Cuenca), it is an ideal production area for high quality wines.

Gardel selects the finest vineyards, as Gardel knows that the best wines start with the best grapes. And we add all the advantages we inherit from tradition and new technology to produce quality wines.

Gardel will protect the environment and respect for nature as the basic principle of enterprise production and survival. From the moment of being awarded the organic certificate, we have been committed to achieving 100% pure organic commitment. Everything is just to bring you the most natural and healthy taste buds experience.


Nubori Winery

Founded in 1889, Nuboli Winery is one of the oldest family wineries in the Rioja Quality Producing Area (DOCa Rioja). In recent years, its activities have been extended to other famous Spanish origins, such as the DO Rueda and the DO Rias Baixas.

With a production capacity of more than 3 million bottles per year, our winemakers have a storage capacity of 10 million litres and a 6,000 bottle/hour bottling line, with the finest selection of grapes and wines to maintain the highest quality. Therefore, only 20% to 30% of total production is sold under our brand.

In 1999, the winery was refurbished and upgraded, equipped with the latest advanced technology, and new facilities were introduced in 2005. As a result, our winery has the latest and most advanced facilities in the current wine and wine storage process, enabling us to achieve the highest standards of quality control and traceability in the wine industry (BRC, IFS, 14000).


Paramo Lygend Winery

Leyenda del Páramo was founded in 2010 by seven partnerswith the objective of elaborating great quality wines from Prieto Picudo, the autochthonous grape from the south ofLeón. This grape is only cultivated in our small corner of theworld, which makes our wines all the more distinctive. Afterseven years, the initial objective has been achieved and ourgoal remains centred on the quality of our wines thanks tothe efforts and commitment of the more than one hundredmembers currently on board the project.

Leyenda del Páramo’s vineyards are located to the northof the Duero river basin, within the region of León, on anarea where the landscape is called El Páramo. Soils are poor,acidic, sandy textured gravel and pebbles at an altitude ofapproximately 900 metres above sea level, right between theEsla and Bernesga rivers. Our climate is theoretically cold Mediterranean, but the altitude and proximity to the Picosde Europa mountain range make it closer to a Continentalclimate.


Montelaguna Winery

Laguna Mountain Winery is located in an ancient manor in Pesquera de Duero, surrounded by 300 hectares of farmland, quiet and peaceful. The famous Spanish winery PESQUERA is also located in this area.

The unique climate of the region makes the grapes here unique. The modern equipment of the Laguna Mountains winery and the solid brewing technology make the winery’s sprinklers have the balance and amazingness of walking on the edge of the suspension, highlighting the duo The grapes in the Luohean region are unique. The grapes grown in the winery do not use any type of herbicides and pesticides, nor do they use chemical fertilizers. They do not use any yeast, bacteria or foreign bacteria in the brewing process. Instead, they use their own yeast to complete it in a natural way.


Finca Winery

Finca Winery was founded in 1937. There are only 6 wineries in the origin of Ucles. FLE Winery has developed into the most famous winery in Cuenca.

Finca Winery is famous for its high-quality red wine and SPA tourism and leisure resort. Among them, red wine has received many praises and is a high-quality wine. Its unique wine therapy SPA, exquisite cuisine, luxury hotels, winery tours and other services are even more fascinating. It has become a comprehensive winery integrating grape planting, wine making and winery tourism.


Fernando Castro Winery

Fernando Castro Winery was founded in 1850 and is a family estate with a history of more than 170 years. The planting area and the hard work of the family for generations have made this winery one of the main representative wineries of Valdepenas’ legal origin.

The winery’s wines exhibit unique regional characteristics. This region has extreme climate and special soil, which is very suitable for growing high-quality grapes. The grapes have higher maturity, higher color intensity, and more stable structure. The aroma is more intense.

The winery has a production area of more than 8,000 square meters, and the taste of wine is favored by consumers in more than 70 countries. The high output, high production efficiency and high degree of cooperation make this winery one of the most cost-effective wineries.


Pedrosa Winery

Pedrosa Winery was established in 1980. The winery is located in the production area on the banks of the Douro River. The Douro Portuguese vineyards have a gentle terrain, but the altitude is more than 800 meters, and the soil is calcareous clay. The local area is mainly affected by the type of continental climate, and the Atlantic Ocean on the left will also bring some water vapor. The annual average temperature reaches 11°C and the annual rainfall reaches 475 mm.

In 1982, when the Spanish legal production area “Ribera del Duero (Douro Valley)” was established, the Pedrosa Winery located in the northwest corner of the production area at that time became one of the few wineries in the production area. . In 1994, the wine garden’s “Viña Pedrosa Gran Reserva (Vintage 1989)” came to the Vatican and was selected as the wine appointed by the Roman Catholic Pope to hold a mass ceremony on December 24. This event greatly improved The popularity of the wine garden. In the same year, a variety of wines from the winery began to appear on the world stage and achieved impressive results. They received high marks from many internationally renowned wine review magazines and wine critics. It was publicly elected as one of the “Top Ten Spanish Wine Gardens” in 1999. In 2011, Pedrosa Wine Garden was named “Spain’s Best Wine Gardens” in the famous Spanish food yearbook “Guide Guia Gourmets 2011”. In the same year, the King of Spain “Juan Carlos 1” came to visit the wine garden, taste wine and dine.