In the spring of March, the fragrance floats in Chengdu, the Spanish Fine Wines Alliance joins the four major producing areas, and the five major wineries rush to Chengdu to offer a red wine feast for the majority of wine lovers.

From March 18th to 19th, two consecutive tasting sessions allowed the audience to fully appreciate the charm and value of Spanish red wine.

Chengdu Kempinski Hotel

Winery owner explained and answered questions

The audience was heatedly discussing

Gardel organic wine

Nubori winery silhouette

Spanish fine wines alliance wine collection

From March 21st to 23rd, the Chengdu Sugar and Wine Association was officially launched, and the Spanish Fine Wines Alliance hosted audiences from all over the world.

Staff booth photo

The red wine from Spain attracted the attention of the audience, and many viewers stopped to listen to the products and culture of the Spanish wineries.

The audience stopped to listen

Spanish specialty wineries gathered, the owner went to Chengdu

Nubori Winery

D.O.S niche winery

Gardel Organic Winery

The audience cut the Spanish ham on the spot

The three-day rum meeting will give the audience a taste of the charm of Spanish wine. Many viewers expressed their wish to visit the Spanish wineries.

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