Is red wine good or white wine good?

This is a question that people who come into contact with wine often ask.

Because the colors of the two wines are different, this also determines their status and difference in the eyes of ordinary consumers. That is, red wine is red wine, that is, red wine, and white wine seems to be excluded from “red wine”. This definition is in the middle.

When we say “red wine”, we are talking about red wine in the subconscious, and “white wine” refers to the domestic high-alcohol liquor.

When we talk about Burgundy or Rioja, which are excellent in both red and white wine regions, people are more willing to taste local red wines and turn over friends. As long as some people are drinking, basically they all Red wine is the mainstay.

Also, the bright red wines of course can appeal to the majority of people.

In fact, the status of this red and white wine and market inequality are the same throughout the world, not just in China.

However, the interesting point is that in China, the concept of white wine is really weak, and many people do not even have the concept of “white wine”.

Equally awkward, there are also rosé wines.

In fact, in the late Empress Dowager Cixi, Bordeaux wine began to enter the Chinese market. At that time, Minister Wang Gong regarded Bordeaux red wine as a rare thing, including the giant tycoon Li Hongzhang also liked the “Bordeaux red wine”. .

Therefore, from the late Qing Dynasty, Bordeaux red wine has become synonymous with red wine, and since then, Bordeaux has intentionally created the concept of wine “best red” and “Bordeaux is the best red wine”.

The elites have a strong educational power for the lives of ordinary people. Therefore, the pursuit of the dignitaries has directly affected the choice of hundreds of millions of ordinary people.

Any influence is deepened over time, so the general public accepts red wine much more than white wine.

After all, this is also a rare thing for the nobles of the princes. Basically, red wine has certain luxury attributes.

White wine is not so lucky.

In 15 years, a very interesting thing happened in a county in Hubei Province, that is, white wine is more popular than red wine.

The reason for this phenomenon was caused by the mutual dismantling of local wine distributors and liquor dealers.

When wine expands its own market, it uses “white wine to hurt the body and hurt the liver” to promote it, while the liquor dealers are tit for tat, saying that “red wine blends with pigment and drinks more cancer.”

Consumers are unpredictable and have to take a compromise – buying white wine.

In this way, neither pigmentation causes cancer, nor does it have to worry about liquor damage.

The color of red wine certainly does not come from artificial colors.

Due to the fermentation, the grape juice and the purple-red grape skin are soaked together, and the color of the grape skin is extracted.

In addition to the color, another substance on the skin of the grape, tannin, will also enter the grape juice.

Tannins have the added effect of increasing the taste and strength of the wine, but if the quality of the wine itself is not good, the tannins will bring a “smell” that everyone does not want.

In addition, since the sensation of tannins is particularly prominent when encountering umami, seafood and fish, as well as MSG dishes, are often not effective with red wine.

White wines are made from grapes without color.

When white wine is fermented, on the one hand, the peel does not contain pigment, and the juice does not touch the grape skin, so that the white grape has no color and no tannin.

In order to maintain the taste, it usually contains higher acidity and more fruit to ensure that the wine itself is good; therefore, compared with high quality red wine, because there is no tannin and the fruit is more pleasing, beginners may be more Easy to enjoy high quality white wine.

On the other hand, when the quality of white wine is not good, the lack of fruity white wine is also particularly easy to drink and tastes sour.

If you are still hesitant to buy red wine or white wine, you may wish to refer to the following points:

For the meal, most white wines and Chinese foods work better together.

White wine does not bring astringency, even the cheapest.

Most white wines need to be chilled before drinking, and it is best to keep them cold during the drinking process.

When receiving gifts, most people like to receive red wine.

Of course, the last reminder is that if you want to get health care, then don’t expect to drink wine. The more scientific and healthy way is to maintain a reasonable diet and exercise, and maintain a healthy and restful work, which is more than drinking.